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Professor of Mathematics and Finance
Research Institute of Management, Director
Department of Finance
Graduate School of Management
St. Petersburg State University

Alexander Bukhvalov is an expert in financial economics. His research topics include investment under uncertainty and real options, corporate governance, derivatives, corporate finance, financial-industrial groups and banking in Russia, and economics of education. He is also an expert in mathematics (functional analysis, applied econometrics, and computer science) and information technologies. He has published numerous papers, texts and monographs in all of these areas. He sits on editorial boards of Positivity, international journal from Birkhauser (Basel} specializing on mathematics and its applications including economics, and The School of Economics, the leading Russian publication on education of economics. He is Associate Editor of The Russian Management Journal, the leading academic journal in Russia specializing on Strategic Management.

He sat on visiting professor positions, both in mathematics and economics, at the universities of Franche-Compte (Besancon, France), Naples (Italy), Perugia (Italy), Tel Aviv (Israel), Tampere (Finland), and Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki (Finland). He earned research fellowships in mathematics from DAAD (Tuebingen, FRG, 1988/89) and the Royal Society (Cambridge, UK, 1990), and in Economics (Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition, Helsinki, Finland, 1999). In economics A.Bukhvalov headed Russian teams of researchers in international projects supported by INTAS (93-2794), TACIS (194-1035-R), and University of Calgary--Gorbachov Foundation (with McGill University, 1995-97), USAID (2000-2002, Center for Research of Financial Markets).

As a member of the Organizing Committee (1992-95, together with Professors Vadim Gal'perin and Boris Ovsievich) and as the Dean-organizer (1995-99) he has established the Department of Economics of the European University in St.Petersburg.

Since 1996 he works at St.Petersburg State University where he joined the School of Management faculty since 1999.

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